Getting Back Into Camming

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Just ended my summer semester, so I’m getting ready to start camming hard again. I’ll be trying some new cam sites this time, so it should be interesting to see if I can find one better than Chaturbate in terms of monetary results. Most of my webcam modeling career has involved Chaturbate, but I’d like to cam at some other sites and see what they have to offer too.

Making Money as An MFC Cam Girl

MyFreeCams, colloquially known as MFC, is a major player in the “free cams” sector of the cam girl industry. It is an important site with which any webcam model should be familiar, and knowing how to work there for the best revenue is essential. The strategies that tend to bring a cam girl the greatest degree of success on this site are not complex, but they are also not always intuitive, so some instruction is generally required.

Contrary to apparent common sense, many cam girls find it better not to get nude or perform explicit shows in the public chat on MFC. This is because doing so risks “giving it away”, allowing casual viewers to flip through the channels and get a free show when they might otherwise have been willing to pay.

By the reasoning of these webcam models, it is better to take time to be charismatic and build a rapport with the audience, encouraging them to like the cam girl personally and “bond” with her. In this way, they become more willing to tip, not because they are even more motivated than before to see her naked, but because they consider her a sort of friend and genuinely wish to help her.

Cam girls should also encourage competition among those viewing in their channel. To understand why this can be so effective, a webcam model must first understand the psychology of those watching her. Men have a natural predisposition toward seeking “alpha male” status: to be acknowledged by other men (and consequently, they subconsciously believe, desired by women) as a given group’s leader or strongest member is extremely psychologically satisfying for them.

Doing so in sight of an attractive female is an even greater imperative. And a relatively easy way for them to assert dominance in a webcam model’s channel is to “defeat” the other males present by being the biggest spender. Obviously, not all of them will be apt to do this; in fact, most won’t, as parting with money is hard. But encouraging them, via games and other competitive events, can be quite fruitful because they are being driven to do what their instincts desire anyway.

Of course, the most important thing to keep in mind for making money on MFC is to be engaging. Girls who merely sit quietly in their channel waiting to be showered with income for doing little or nothing will be sorely disappointed. This was the most important lesson I had to learn when I was figuring out how to become a cam girl success story, instead of the typical cam girl failure story.

MyGirlFund For Cam Models

Over the previous 24 months, MyGirlFund has had a troubled reputation among webcam models. Most of this stems from their draconian rules governing performers’ conduct, along with their extremely strict enforcement of those rules. For instance, models are encouraged to carry on private message conversations with viewers (it is the focus of this camming site), the dialogue is closely monitored by an automated system that flags “dangerous” keywords such as e-mail, payment, and the like.

The goal is to prevent cam girls from taking regulars off-site for transactions unconnected to MyGirlFund, the proceeds of which a model would not be obligated to share with the host. At the least, using banned words results in a stern e-mail. At worst, cam girls have complained of MyGirlFund’s nonchalance in suspending their accounts – and keeping any earned money therein.

With these warnings in mind, however, MyGirlFund has some positives to consider. The site focuses on personal, one on one relationships between the webcam models and the viewers. To that end, only paid private shows are allowed; no public performances are done. Cam girls may chat with prospective viewers to get to know them beforehand (this is where dialogue monitoring comes in).

All of this results in a stronger bond between the webcam model and her audience, and often, greater affection from the viewer for the performer. Regulars, therefore, are far more common and easily made on MyGirlFund. Because regulars are the lifeblood of a cam girl’s business, this can result in time spent on MyGirlFund being especially lucrative.

MyGirlFund recently overhauled their payment system. Because this caused delays in processing payments and earned money going unpaid, it resulted in much of the damage that has been done to the site’s reputation in the webcam model community. Following the overhaul, however, the payment system is quite good. Cam girls on MyGirlFund earn a 55% commission on their work, which is extremely competitive in the industry.

They are even incentivized to grow their business, with the commission increasing by 2.5% for each additional $5000 a girl earns in her time on the site. This increase can occur a total of 16 times, so that in the end, a cam girl can pocket up to 90% of her earnings, with MyGirlFund taking just 10%. These terms are quite generous among webcam model sites, and along with its other positive factors, make MyGirlFund most definitely worth considering for cam girls.

Streamate Cam Girl Tips

A major player in the cam site industry today, which webcam models may consider using as their host, is Streamate. This enormous site has many considerable factors in its favor; however, it also has equally serious drawbacks. Cam girls should think carefully before using this cam site.

To begin with, Streamate’s payment policy is…unique. Their pay commission for webcam models is a paltry 35% – an extremely uncompetitive number in today’s camming industry, where anything lower than 50% is considered stingy. To drive the point home, this commission means that for every dollar a cam girl earns, a whopping 65 cents will go directly into the pocket of her host. Streamate appears to hope that it can talk its way out of taking so much from its cam girls by citing the admittedly impressive freedom it gives them in pricing.

Webcam models on Streamate can set rates as high as $7.99 per minute (a very dear price) for their special shows: specifically, “Premium” shows, where multiple viewers can join while each pays the set rate per minute, and “Exclusive” shows, also charged by the minute but for only one viewer at a time. A cam girl, obviously, will most often set a higher rate for the Exclusive shows than the Premium, but in either case, if an enamored regular is willing to pay the price, the results can be quite lucrative for webcam models.

Aside from generous pricing guidelines, Streamate’s other claim to fame is high traffic. This is perhaps the real secret to their success in maintaining interested cam girls despite such a beggarly payout. Streamate is positively awash in viewers, attributing these hordes to its strong advertising budget. Because it relies heavily on affiliate programs, a model can get paying customers directly into her channel, even if her ranking on the overall site leaves something to be desired.

Most experienced cam girls on Streamate, however, believe that private shows are the way to go. There are almost always takers, and the freedom to set high prices makes these shows so lucrative that other types of performances are considered a waste of time.

Finally, Streamate’s support system is notoriously terrible. Everything is handled by e-mail, and not very well. They are infamous for handing out bans for minor infractions, without prior warning and with no provisions for appeal. Webcam models considering using this site, which does remain popular despite its shortcomings, should take care to follow the rules carefully and expect little help from their host.